Alasan Amerika Serikat Menabut sanksi terhadap Myanmar (Indin Novita Sari)

February 15, 2019
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  • 1. Title [Judul]: Alasan Amerika Serikat Menabut sanksi terhadap Myanmar
  • 2. Creator [Pengarang/ penulis]: Indin Novita Sari
  • 3. Subject [Subjek dan kata kunci]: Military Junta, Economic Sanctions in Myanmar, Political Reformand Democratiza
  • 4. Description [Abstrak] : This research comes from the main question namely, what is the background of the United States revoking economic sanctions against Myanmar. In this study the authors used descriptive methods, namely, data from books, journals, and other official websites. the purpose of this study was to find out the reason the United States lifted economic sanctions against Myanmar. to analyze case studies, the authors used the concepts of O’Donnell’s democratic transition and Philies Schmiler. The results show that the reason the United States shows that the main reason for the United States to revoke economic sanctions against Myanmar is because of a series of political reforms and democratization in Myanmar, the change in Myanmar’s political direction has influenced US foreign policy to remove the Myanmar economic sanctions imposed by the United States since in 1997 and the return of Aung Saan Suu Kyi in the government of Myaanmar.
  • 5. Publisher [Nama Lembaga Kontributor]: Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • 6. Contributor [Pembimbing, promotor, ilustrator, produser, dll.] : Rahma Daniah S.IP,M.Si dan Andi Purnawarman S,Sos,M.Si
  • 7. Date [Tanggal / tahun penciptaan atau penerbitan]: 24 Oktober 2018
  • 8. Type: Artikel
  • 10. Right [Contoh: CCL, MIT, Open Document, dll.]: article eJournal

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