HUBUNGAN EMPATI DENGAN ALTRUISME Pada Anggota Organisasi Gerakan Pramuka Kota Samarinda (ASWIN)

October 9, 2019
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On: Oct 9, 2019 @ 10:37 AM

  • 1. Title [Judul]: HUBUNGAN EMPATI DENGAN ALTRUISME Pada Anggota Organisasi Gerakan Pramuka Kota Samarinda
  • 2. Creator [Pengarang/ penulis]: ASWIN
  • 3. Subject [Subjek dan kata kunci]: empati, altruism NIM: 1202105123
  • 4. Description [Abstrak] : This study aims to determine whether there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and altrurism in members of the Samarinda City Scout Movement. The sampling technique used is probability sampling, which is a sampling technique that provides equal opportunities for each element (member) of the population to be selected as members of the sample. For sampling it is determined by simple random sampling, which is because the taking of sample members from the population is done randomly regardless of the strata that exist in that population. The number of samples used as research was 95 members of the Samarinda City scout movement.Data collection methods used were the altruism scale and empathy scale. The collected data were analyzed by Pearson R correlation test, before entering the Pearson R correlation test it was necessary to test the assumptions of normality and linearity with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) program 21.0 for Windows. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive relationship between empathy and altruism on members of the Samarinda city scout movement, with a r = 0.626 and a Sig value = 0.000 (p
  • 5. Publisher [Nama Lembaga Kontributor]: Program Studi Psikologi
  • 6. Contributor [Pembimbing, promotor, ilustrator, produser, dll.] : M. Ali Adriansyah, S.Psi., M.Si dan Aulia Suhesty, M.Psi., Psikolog
  • 7. Date [Tanggal / tahun penciptaan atau penerbitan]: 2019
  • 8. Type: Artikel
  • 10. Right [Contoh: CCL, MIT, Open Document, dll.]: ejournal

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